the story of 2 idiots that’s called love.

That was how we started the day. With a fight. A fight of he being such a careless ass who blames it on everything else but himself and of me being the “no you don’t have to do it for me but it would be very nice if you do and I would get upset if you don’t” kinda girl. Seems legit huh?

We have flaws. He does. I do. That’s why we fight a lot. But just give each other some seconds apart, we immediately throw ourselves back at each other. By a few texts.

And went for a hair-cut together in the afternoon. Yes, a couple went out to cut their hair together. I guess they don’t normally call it a “date”. He cut his whole hair and I got my bang shortened. Then we have a pretty good laugh at how stupid each other looks. He even got super yummy bread to flirt my stomach!

And things are fine again.

I love you. :)


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