Sometimes it really feels in ur skin that you are alone. Every neuron reminds you that you are on your own. When you lock your room’s door and it’s you and only you. When you want to call somebody but noone’s there. When your best friend doesnt text you for more than a week. Even though that has been one of your hardest week. When it looks like you have everything but actually you have nothing. When you means nothing, you don’t matter. When your mom is thousands kms away and all you want to do now is to lie next to her, snug into her arms. When tears stream down your face cuz you feel the huge blank in your heart but you don’t know how to fill it. When you are in crossroads and you feel so lost and you don’t know what to do and you don’t know who to turn to.
And damn it still you have to wake up 6 in the morning putting on a fake smile.

Life goes on.