True colors

It has never been easy adapting to any environment. New school, new class, new club, new company. All the things that are wrapped up in just a word “new”. The mix of excitement and nervousness; of course sometimes the latter outweighs. But in new school, new class, you know everyone is experiencing the same thing. All of these kids were nervous, didn’t know what the teacher would be like, how those other kids saw my outfit. Same concern, same fear in those eyes. In a new student activity, taking AIESEC for example, there’s always a batch of the newbies. Same young eager generation, who are willing to absorb everything with the very rare case of overwhelming excitement.

What about a new company? You are the only new kid in town. Everyone has shared years together, they know all the facts (!). Starting off is hard. Even picking up the phone to ring some stranger is hard. A few first phonecall, I took a deep breath, whispered again in my head my prepared pitch and dialed. I even googled “how to make friends with new people” (it’s stupid, I know). All that just to get some guts to get out of my comfort zone.

Weeks I spent wishing things were more simple, wishing that I know all about these people and how to deal with each and everyone of them. Yeah, wishes. But suddenly, a voice in my head just keep asking me these questions – “What is there to lose?“. “What happens if I failed at my first impression with this person?” “Would that make me stop trying being a good and helping colleague?”. I realized I am at the very point of my life that I actually have nothing to lose. In everything. And in one way or another it becomes one very precious thing is that I DARE TO FAIL. Yes I do indeed. I have nothing to be afraid of, because I am way too young for any failure coming up. All I need to do is just being myself, smile and show them my true colors.

All that come to me as a savior idea. And I must admit this week has been the most productive week of mine. I chit chat with Directors, connect with external stakeholders, be more open to colleagues. Magic happens. Relationships start. Impression made. And  most importantly, I learn.

I learn not to fear of failing, of the new things, of strangers. I learn to be myself more truely, be open, warm and kind. And I will just do that, with a smile on my face, and move forward.