khi mà lòng người trải khắp muôn nơi…

(This blog is inspired by the guts of those awesome AIESECers going exchange this year. I love you.)

that is when we no longer feel shocked when hearing someone going abroad. Qatar, India, US, UK, Hong Kong, or wherever. They go, then they will be back.

that is when we feel happy for those very pure feelings they have in the new place, when we see them cry discovering themselves, receiving too much love, and the most important, being free.

that is when we feel anxious – will they be fine? will they be lost? will they face any difficulties? what can I help? – yet all the questions answered in its own way. They are more than just fine. : )

that is when we feel the thirst for getting out of this small Hanoi, we hear the call of another friendly beautiful place, the sense that we will be very happy there.

that is when we admire their courage, freedom, determination. when we know how brave they were, and how strong they would be.

that is when we know their love does not just stay here. It is bigger than we could ever imagine.

that is when I just want to send the best of luck for everyone going on exchange this summer. The sky is yours, be free, be brave and embrace whatever might come.

And another AIESEC story has just begun …


The sky is mine and yours. Let’s fly…