So done!!

This entry is to mark my final of finals!!!! Don’t know what to feel, HAPPY? (hell yeah!) Worried? or just simply Relieved? Well I’m not sure. One thing about study in RMIT, time flies so fast!! I remember this time 2 years ago, I finished my very first final period, this time last year, Mon and I screamed “Teenage dream” together, enjoying the company of Matteo =))

And now it’s just … finished! Done! Boom! Work next week!

feels like a short fall. Hmmm. I wanted to graduate soon, but didn’t expect it to be this-much-soon. So soon! Just like a wink and now all I’ve got left are memories. Applying for RMIT was a coincident, got the scholarship was mere luck, and studying here was full of hard work. Sometimes I feel grateful to be able to study in this university. Whatever its numerous cons are, in comparison with Vietnamese universities, RMIT still beats. And it does provide me what I needed to be ready for work: strong skills, confidence, practical knowledge, good network. Isn’t it what university is about?

ok whatever, just finish packing and everything now is quite messed up, with things taken, things left behind, things undecided. I hate packing so muchhh : ( First time ever in my life I have to move. So lucky my Mom always makes it a stable home for me. I have never had to move house before. This room has always been my room. I always have a place to come back, to be me, to be free, and relaxed. One lucky me : ) Today when packing, I found a lost bracelet, and it got rusted. That was the one I really love! Didn’t know what to do, I turned to Mom, and her advice was a miracle, it became shiny again!! I suddenly realize what if I don’t know what to do again, when I am far away from her, who will I turn to? Just wish to be able to run to her, ask her silly questions, waiting for her to give the best advice, and thank her for that. It must be precious.

So just a blog entry drafted in the middle of the night, to mark my oh-so-done student life. And remind me of how lucky I am to be able to find my own road, and finish the race. yeah, Finish \m/ [not intend to take post-grad for about 1-2 years from now]

Waiting til it’s November and pictures of the Bachelor me will be uploaded woohoo <3

for all the students out there : x Gluck with exams : x

what are we doing with our lives?

Money. Go. First.

That’s what the majority of this society are thinking. Those “naive” – “innocent” answers of a girl who only knows to strip for money are now praised as if it’s something rare and precious. No matter how wrong that idea is, people agree with it, not because they don’t know it’s wrong. Just because it’s bluntly true.

What happens with dreams? What happens with courage? What happens with dignity? Pride? Love? Generosity? Whatever it is as long as it is not materialistic?

They just all disappear. or get blur. or be caught up somewhere. : )

The stinking education system makes schooling some kind of burden. We do not learn, we suffer. We live day by day, test after test, knowing we are not learning something we will later on use in life. Even moral, or ethics. Dreams got trapped. Courage got killed. Love got criticized. A degree doesn’t mean much. There are a million ways of getting a job. Being smart and active and intelligent is just minor one of them. Then money comes even before that. Money, again.

I am not any exception. I believe from the very beginning, my ultimate goal in studying, spending those hard days sitting on the table, cramming books, “shitting” finals is just to get a job, to earn money. Whatever I do, money has its own voice in it. Even if it’s voluntary work, it’s still building up my CV and then helps me get a good job. That’s mere logic. I somehow feel that  I understand the stripping girl’s want of helping her family. I do, too. And trying that much hard is how I do it, especially how my mother sacrifice her whole life for her kids. But I don’t sell myself for money, and that’s the difference.

Yesterday I have a very serious and meaningful talk with an honor man. He showed me some very basic principles in life that I used to ignore. He showed me the key to true happiness, for a girl like me. For any girl in this world. I realize my true mission in this life. Not what I truely want at this very moment, but it’s something I have to make a choice, something when I myself realize it, it might be too late. A choice that will destine my life journey. And money, luckily, is not it. Above all, family and love prevails. Keep that in mind, with a bunch of other precious knowledge that I am fated to get to know, I will have the base for my every decision. This is smart. Not “nice”, not “innocent”, not “ngoan”. Smart. I need it more.

This entry is pretty messed up. Exactly as who I am now. Messed up in the middle of choices, dreams, what is right and what is wrong, is there anything that is absolutely no, or certainly yes? However, just by being true to the nature of who I am born with, I am sure that I will have my stubborn yet very strong steps in life. Without having to put money above all else.

And for that, I create my own destiny. Dare to dream again. And be courageous.

“One year, you will have your last summer and you probably won’t even realise it.”

getaway through pictures…

Got this from Dx’s blog.

Realize that I lost summer when I went to RMIT with 3 semesters per year. No summers have been perfectly enjoyable since. And I didn’t notice.

And now I am losing this summer too as I will go to work 2 days right after the last final exam of my student life. And no more summer for me.

How the heck has it come to that? I have absolutely no idea…..


For those who’re reading my blog right now, one advice for you – start your SUMMER today!