Last but not least…

I always have the urge to write something when there are a lot of assignments waiting. Funny eh?

So here I am struggling to write assignments as usual. Yet this one is a bit special, my last assignment in my student life. Suddenly feel like these days I am doing things and some of them just happen to be me last-something. I went to my favorite “bun tron restaurant” today as I think it might be the last time I am able to eat it, before I leave Hanoi. I ran under the rain today, feeling like it’s the last time Hanoi will be this much beautiful, enjoying the cool water forgetting all the damn high temperature of yesterday. Everything I do, I whisper: “This might be the last time”.

Then I suddenly realize that not only these days I tell myself that. I have always been doing that. Words like “do it now, or you will never have this chance again”; “do it now, or you will regret” are the decisive factors of mine. Some say I am an “opportunity hopper”, always try to catch opportunities as many as I can. Yes I am. Life takes me away with its beautiful and glamorous challenges that I am too curious to let go. Winds take me anywhere it wants me to be, just as long as I stay free and at ease. And I don’t mind that at all. Looking back I have never felt regretted of anything I have done. Every experience is golden to me, everything that has made me the ME today. And I am thankful for that.

Way too popular Steve Jobs’ quote – “Stay hungry, Stay foolish”. I think it’s best said here.

So these last few days in Hanoi (2 weeks to be exact), I am enjoying every little thing, my first, my last, my everything. And I will smile when I look back, just like now.