I wonder…

I wonder nights like this, who’s gonna wipe away my tears, pull me into their arms and tell me that everything’s gonna be okay?

Cuz i’m crying like hell now. When I realize how lonely I am in this world. When I know my best friend only find me to fill with her conquers. My so-called close friend talks shit behind my back. And my boyfriend is just too careless and busy to even care.

if you fall asleep, down by the water, baby I’ll carry you all the way home…


3 thoughts on “I wonder…

  1. eeehh
    sorry babe I was only online in class so couldn’t really talk.. and seriously just be frank with me, if you need to talk tell me. I honestly thought you didn’t feel like talking about your problems. it’s hard to be perceptive and sensitive when there is so much stimulus going on all at once and no time to yourself everyday..
    so yea, i’m not a perfect bff but if you tell me you need me, I’ll be there. as long as you make it obvious enough for this dazed and drunken soul to pick up on it :( (alcohol kills brain cells, I can verify..)

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