Congrats to you, little Pt. U did it!

So, this is it. You are done. It’s all over. Hooray!!

Looking back I can’t believe it’s almost 2 years. Two years of hardwork and dedication. Flashback to those Tet days of 2015 when I made up my mind to pursue higher study. I remember finish reading the book “The Dream Giver” (Bruce Wilkinson), an xmas gift from my dear friend (thanks Paulo!). It talks about how God gives you something you need to do in life and your heart will nurture it and you will always have the itching feelings that it’s what you need to accomplish. And then the universe will work its way around it, God will give you strengths, guide you to the right people, open to you the right opportunities and all you have to do is to take it with determination and drive. It was a master study to me. I felt the urge to complete it so strong that yeah no matter what let’s nail down GMAT. And here it went. 6 months of sweats and tears (given the fact i was enduring the most horrible horrible relationship of all – those dark days…). 6 months of no weekends, waking up at 6-7 am studying GMAT before work and finish work at 7 then sit on the table at 8 to start revising. Almost no social life – me? No social life? … I didn’t know where I got those discipline ( man if you know me, you know how spontaneous I am). 

Then the dreams of studying abroad seemed so small. No matter how hard I tried, work and GMAT at the same time couldn’t guarantee me a score of 700. And without it no way could I get a scholarship. no scholarship? no higher study. Plus the job opportunities, the money I was still making – i am not rich to ignore that. Plus my mom’s health. So many opportunity costs, so many concerns. Suddenly comes along this program. How random I found it. How I quickly fell in love with it. The program. The schools. The curriculum. The recruitment process. I was almost one of the last students that got admitted. Took me 2 weeks to complete my application. 1 week for admission decision and 1 week for financial aids result. BOOM! I GOT IN! So happy….! :):):)

And then I realized how difficult it was to balance work and life and study. I got super stressed out. On top of that I made the decision to jump ship – moving to Unilever. Gosh the workload seemed to double, and travel every 2-3 weeks. I got burnt out. I barely moved through courses, forums, essays, assignments, projects… i knew I could have done better, but with all the time and efforts, this is the best I could get. Not a glamorous transcript (not typical me, remember how competitive I was back in University?) but something I am very proud of. Yes, I did it, after all, I did it. 

A bit of reflection makes me realize how fast time flies. Along with this study a lot has happened in my life. From work, love and family. I got my nephew. I changed job. I fell in love and then fell out of love. I struggled. Only 2 years but I have grown a lot… 

Now what? What to do with my life now? How to prove that this degree is worthy of all of that? It’s a big question that for now I have no idea and Absolutely no clue. But I will keep being strong and pulling through. 

As a friend said: “enjoy it while it lasts…”, i would just close my eyes, lay back and enjoy the monent…




One of the episode in “How I met your mother” that I remember is the “Wedding bride”. The one where Ted has this ridiculous idea of everyone carrying their personal baggage around the city. It’s either the time where you got left at the altar, the fact that you got gambling issue, or your various emotions/ stupid experiences. It’s what makes you the “You” today. And whoever wants to know you, has to know and even accept your baggage. But sometimes it’s extremely difficult for you yourself to overlook your baggage and move on.

And I guess my past experiences give me rather enough baggage to drag around….