Everything starts to feel “real”. It is true: One day you will find someone who make you realize why it didn’t work out with anyone else. One day you will find that one person who is there for you no matter what, who are everything you could ever ask for or dream of. Who will be a strong hard shoulder for you to lean on, who wraps you in his arms and make you feel like home. this is it. the time has come. you are wrapped in bubbly love and you feel so happy so safe so peaceful that sometimes you can’t believe it’s real.

But it is. It’s real. It’s us. It’s you.


I miss u

My biggest nightmare these days is that I suddenly wake up and everything between us is just a dream and you are not here anymore. So scared it sheds me to tears.

I miss u

I miss u so much. And i’m still crying even though i promised u not to and i said i stopped. Sorry i lied. But so many things are uncertain. So many things are blurry. And i can’t imagine myself not having u by my side. It’s killing me and i’m becoming the worse version of me. I hate it. I hate it….

Walking on ice

It feels like walking on ice. So excited and wonderful yet watching out every single step. Cuz the scare of these beautiful moments disappearing on a fine day is just so big. Cuz who knows it has only been 3 months and everything is just at the beginning of it all. 

And what if, just like any other ice rinks, it breaks?