A lot of things happen that sometimes you don’t know how harder you can try but all you have to do is to try.

Sometimes things happen so unexpectedly that makes you feel sad but you still have to toughen up and try. Try harder. And harder everyday.

Sometimes just when you think everything works out so fine then it turns out not as you plan and it seems so difficult now but you hope and trust with all your heart that it will get better and all you can do again is to try.

Sometimes you don’t like this and that and you want to say it outloud so everyone knows how you feel but it might hurt someone or it might cause unnecessary conflicts so all you can do is to try to hide it or to bury it inside. It’s not who you are but come on, try.

Try and try and try.

And you know you always overthink and overworry about almost everything and it really makes you exhausted.

You still have to try.

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