A few words for you

Baby Rice

I don’t know what else to do so I write these few words. Don’t scare me baby. Mommy know I haven’t exactly been the nicest sweetest and best Mommy for you. I have done so many things wrong and I was careless. But please don’t scare me. I am crying like I never before and it amazes me how much I could cry for something I haven’t even known of… it’s called instinct, isn’t it?

Now I pray God that you are strong. You stay strong my little Rice and I am staying strong for you too. Together we will fight through this.

Please don’t say that you want to leave because you are so little and I am so longing for you my baby. I promise I will be good, so don’t scare me ok?

A night full of loneliness and terror…


Checked up today. You are still there, safe and sound. Don’t scare me like that ever again will u?????? Send you thousands of hugs and kisses and I can’t wait to spend the next 8 months and the rest of my life with you :):):)

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