I love you, mom

1.11.2016 Paris,

It’s 11.17pm in Paris. I’m laying in bed with mom. We have been chit chatting over million things tonight. Actually we have been doing it over the past 10 days. Tonight I told her, “mom, i just realized this has been the longest number of nights we spent together since I moved to Sg”. She wrapped me in her arms and say: “it’s my privilege then”. Haha. Since when it’s such a rare thing for her to hold her daughter in the arms to sleep. I must have made it very difficult for her. I am so sorry mom :) sometimes I feel I am really selfish. I really am.

This trip also makes me realize how much we have grown from mother-daughter into best friends. I have been sharing with her basically everything in my life. From work, study, classmates, friends, to even love life. Of course there are still the naughty part of me that I hope she never finds out, lol. But yeah, she really is my best friend now. 

Walking with her on different streets of Europe, seeing her smile, laugh, breathe in the wind and close her eyes bathing under the sun, I feel so much in love. We hold hands like couples do. We are like two eager kids exploring places we have never been to. No mom, it’s me who feels privileged. To be born your daughter, to be loved and cared so much by you, to be brought up with such inspiration, to be empowered to do all that you believe I could do. The pleasure is all mine, my lady.

I love you. So much that I have tears in my eyes writing these words. Please stay healthy so I can bring you to different places. Because we have so much more to explore together. 

Love :)