HR is not for nice people

and yet I am so nice. I don’t want to hurt people. I want to be friends with everyone. I want to stay true to me: cheerful, smiling, friendly and supportive. It’s my nature that I want to please everyone. It’s my yearn that I hope everyone feels good about me. Mom taught me that.

But HR ain’t anything like that.

Sometimes you can’t be just nice. You have to be fair. That means you can’t please everyone. That means sometimes it’s tough decisions made. That means sometimes people stop talking to you. Or even talking behind your back. That means sometimes people don’t appreciate what you do for them. They say “Thanks” very quickly when it’s a salary raise but then complain about you deadly in a public forums on things that you ain’t delivering.

These days I hate being HR. I hate going to work. I hate doing the job that I know will make people look at me differently. I am trying hard but appreciation is something really hard to gain… but can be mashed in a couple of seconds…

My exboss once said: “In our HR career, it’s rare enough not hearing partners complaining about you. Let alone giving you a compliment”.

Harsh truth.


“Trying hard to speak and
Fighting with my weak hand
Driven to distraction
So part of the plan
When something is broken
And you try to fix it
Trying to repair it
Any way you can……”


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