Single moms

Recently I happen to know many single moms. Each and everyone of them has their own stories that I couldn’t wait to listen to the very details. All are brave. I just can’t imagine myself doing everything on my own. Work. Be a mom. Teaching a kid. House chores… All of that – alone?!? Really too much.

But they have been doing it marvellously. Their profiles are quite the same. Smart, beautiful and successful women, who earn even twice than the average men. They know what they want, and very confident in themselves. They have their own opinions and trust me, you sometimes feel like you can’t keep up because they are always two steps ahead of you.

That makes me wonder: is it true that being a successful and independent woman equals spending your life alone because no man “dares” to be with you? Is it universal that men tend to mate with someone who’s less smart so that they can feel valuable and “more like a man”? If it is true, it’s also so sad :)

Because I want a family, but I also want to be me – a successful and independent woman who’s in control of her life. Is it true that I have to choose one or another???



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