maybe that’s what I lack. High school was easy. I was just being myself, didn’t give a damn thing on all the gossips and the haters around. I said what I wanted to said, and acted the way I found fit.

Well, currently life has been a bit harder than that. Or that I reveal more of my selfish self? I speak without watching my words. I laugh a bit too loud. I act too innocently that sometimes people don’t believe that I’m that much naive. Words I don’t mean to hurt, hurt. Laughters I don’t mean to put on shame, shame. Feeling like slipping but don’t even see the floor, to know what’s on it that make it so hard to stand straight. Don’t even have anything to hold. Just take all the feedback and try to absorb it while I myself don’t even remember doing any of that.

And I realize how difficult it is to find somebody who accepts you for who you are. Who never judges. Who trusts. Who finds the flaws beautiful. Now I have only a handful of these people. And suddenly I feel like I’m the luckiest girl on earth.

Hmm.. Lesson learnt.. If you want to survive in this world Pt, grow up.


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