In return to the ‘flower’ post

I read your “Flower” post today, and suddenly it hits me how much we all wanted love, and to be loved. I have been quite a “mother” when lecturing you about not flirting around and not kissing all strangers. But I never realize that you also want that indeed, but life just doesn’t show you the way. I was not really “there” for you mentally and physically (well damn long-distant friendship) when your heart got broken. I have those nights too, those nights that put scars to our hearts, that wet tears and really feeling like something is broken inside. Those nights when you get choked up because you cry too hard and you can’t breathe, when you sleep on a wet pillow and terrified to find ways to get your eyes less buffy the next day. We girls have all been there. But now we can’t not really be there for each other. 

I just mean everybody has their own way getting your heart fixed. And I believe that you are on your track. Trying a bit of this, putting on a bit of that. Having fun, enjoying every moment. Smile whenever you could. Buy yourself a cupcake, or even flowers, if you need to. 

Defining your happiness baby. And I’m sending you so many hugs and kisses that might blow you away… :)


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