The Lover I deserve

[Reblog from Jean’s]

My ideal lover is someone who is confident about himself, someone who knows what he is strong at and what he needs to improve, someone who is smart and sensitive to embrace our differences and willing to learn no matter how old he is. Someone who is willing to admit mistakes and straightforward enough to make other people grow. Someone who knows what he is worth of and dares to live his dreams.

My friend taught me how guys rated girls in the scale of 5 in the club. I didn’t pay much attention to that, since I know I would only end up with someone that I would never feel bad about the next morning if I wake up next to him, regardless of his appearance. That someone would always get with me no matter how messed up I become, that someone would carry me on his back to the ‘right’ bed no matter how heavy and drunk I am.

I’m having no boyfriend but I’m willing to keep looking for that kind of person, simply because I know who I deserve to share my journey with.


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