I believe

I believe in lust. In doing whatever it takes going with the wind of desire and fascination. In not caring how tomorrow will be like, as long as you got him, he got you and you got the moment.

I believe in love. In thinking of one so much often. In feeling swamped by all the emotions u have. In being surprised at how much a person can occupy your life. In learning to sacrifice, to understand and to care.

I believe in hope. That one day lust will find you and love will stay with you in the most unexpected moment. In the way it’s meant to be.

But there’s one thing. One thing that despite all what I experienced, lust, love and hope, it will never exist.

That love does last forever. That there would be someone who will love me more than life, will be there for me no matter what, will love me unconditionally and will be where i’ll be. That’s a bit hard to believe.

Or maybe i’m not that much ready to give such thing for someone, let alone getting back in return.

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