Life goals

Reading friends’ blogs, with their life goals indicated very clearly in the “About page”, I begin to think about mine.

No, I have had that already. That’s to create CHANGE. Yes, what makes me feel deeply connected with AIESEC, is that we all want to make change. Any kind of change, good for the better, and bad for the lessons. It’s all worth it. I want to make change, as I myself change my fate, lead my way, and I do hope to bring changes to others so that they can be in the right place to bloom. My belief is that everyone is capable, as long as they are provided the right tool, receive the right guidance and get the right encouragement. 

That’s why I choose HR, organizational development and consulting. I believe working in HR, where I try (every-best-possible-way), will help me to touch more in the lives of people, help changing the organization in its very root – its people.Working in HR, it will help me change the business by developing the people that make the business happen. Working in HR, making organization a better place, I am contributing to the development of our white-collar generations.

Working in HR, I’m more aware of the thing people underestimate, and changing that mindset is my whole-life challenge. My Whole Life Challenge as I choose this route.

Reminding myself of that gives me more courage to move forward. In this time of despair,time of loss, time of self-questioning, I realize my life goal is forever to make positive changes to the world. My method is via my work in HR, developing people, improving organizational efficiency and leading the business by the best people that are provided with all they need to bloom.

I’m a change agent. Since being an AIESECer 3 years ago. From now. And onwards.


6 thoughts on “Life goals

  1. It’s really nice that you’ve chosen a meaningful path for yourself. My mother is in HR too and that’s exactly what she does – touch people’s lives. You seem to be a really thoughtful, kind person. Wish you the best in future pursuits.

  2. omg i was abt to comment in this and found myself here already…

    are you still thinking the same way chị? cause I still do now, the reason I’m in HR is very much similar…

    • Life might misguide us somehow but in the end, it’s the stuff you do that changes life brings you joy. You will feel it when you do it so yeah, despite all other shits, I find joy and satisfaction in what I do everyday :):):) it’s not gonna be easy, but it’s gonna be worth it ;)

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