So you think you can dance

I name the show for this blog entry, as this is the first show that gives me so much emotion.

The whole show was breath-taking, with lots of laughter and tears. I can see in those people the enormous passion for dancing. “Passion”, the word I proudly put into my values as it always brings me inspiration and the “why” to move forward. And I see it in them, clearly, in every move, every step and every heart beat on the stage. Magnificent.

I understand the feeling of putting your heart and mind into an event, to a show, to a performance. I understand the feeling of waiting for the result to come out, of wishing to be the winner but still full of doubt and suspicion in self at the very same moment. The feeling of wanting to burst in tears, of the heart beating aching when you are runner-up. I understand it all.

21 years old. I’m proud that I have lived myself well enough to have been through all these emotions. It’s priceless.


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