something I learnt recently

so it’s been 1 month of work. Time flies so fast. And this might be the most memorable month in my life, with all the feelings that I can’t forget.

Everyday here is a surprise waiting to be discovered. I enjoy the feeling of nervousness don’t know what’s waiting for me, and relieved when things eventually work out, and better, turn out to be awesome. The first time I’m out there, no one to hold my hands, to be on my own. I remember driving on the road of Sai Gon, wondering which way this street will lead me to. Just like a journey of life. I got a few clues, and the rest is the fun of exploration.

The last 4 weeks give me the chance to really have my eyes wide-opened, my ears listened, my brain works, my hands touching the reality. It’s business. A big one. And I am working to contribute to it, with a mission I entitled myself to have and a vision that I wish it to become. Above all, I feel responsible, understand the meaning of me being here, part of the change process. Just simply splendid.

And I haven’t realized how much I love mom since I got here. Back home, I have always taken here for granted. The one who will always be there, sacrificing all she has for her two naughty kids. Now all I wish is for her to be happy and healthy. That’s just it. Then I can exchange anything.

So learn to walk alone, to keep an eye on reality, and to appreciate Mom’s love, and family. A bit of treasure for me in this life journey.


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