Random update

Due to the fact that everything was so overwhelming the first week, updated below is very random hehe :P

  • my room is amazing!! love this room. Living with aunt is extremely good and comfortable. Mom spent one week here, noted on what this room lacked and prepared them for me. She helped me unpacked and arrange everything to make it in order. She even bought me one beautiful standing mirror in which I magically look thin =)) haha
  • if continuing eating order like this, soon I will get fat :( 3 meals per day. In the morning, I tell myself to eat a lot so as to save energy for the whole day. Lunch is when I am tired, eating is necessary. Dinner is the only meal that I spent with family, with lots of delicious hot dishes and I just can’t help it.. not to mention unlimited milk in the office, fruits, … I really need to watch out on nutrition :(
  • I have never felt more welcomed in the new place!
  • Working is tired :( not because of the workload (to be honest I haven’t even started working) but of the 8-hour length at work…especially when you have to change from the sleeping habit of a student cramming for exams to that of a worker. Instead of staying up til 2a.m, now i wake up at 5h30, catch the company bus at 6h40, start working at 7h30, arrived home at 5 and go to sleep at 9. Soooo different (like in a total different world) and my body is adapting (still!!!). Good for health, though :x
  • We have 3 induction weeks, 1 have passed and the other 2 are very promisingly exciting. First week has got my eyes wide-opened to the whole process of milk production. It’s like a HUGE machine that is working from the cow to the dairy product. just HUGE.
  • Extremely good to feel familiar during departmental training. “I learnt this at school!” has never been more precious. Thank you, RMIT, everything is really practical :x
  • I love the sparkle in the eyes of these people while talking about their work. That’s dedication and passion.
  • Weekend fills up by AIESEC Alumni networking event. Catch up with many friends. Feel home again :)
  • Things are not easy. But I have never felt more excited. Try hard. That’s it.

Next week’s plan: field trip to Thanh Hoa, gotta learn a bunch.

Miss Hanoi, I do.

Photos :P

My room :x [just when I arrived, before I rearrange the table and put my stuff there]

Mom posing haha

That’s it for now. I am very happy with new place, new company, new friends, new colleagues. Hope this lasts :) More update will be coming soon. Keep in touch :x

From Pt with love <3


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