So done!!

This entry is to mark my final of finals!!!! Don’t know what to feel, HAPPY? (hell yeah!) Worried? or just simply Relieved? Well I’m not sure. One thing about study in RMIT, time flies so fast!! I remember this time 2 years ago, I finished my very first final period, this time last year, Mon and I screamed “Teenage dream” together, enjoying the company of Matteo =))

And now it’s just … finished! Done! Boom! Work next week!

feels like a short fall. Hmmm. I wanted to graduate soon, but didn’t expect it to be this-much-soon. So soon! Just like a wink and now all I’ve got left are memories. Applying for RMIT was a coincident, got the scholarship was mere luck, and studying here was full of hard work. Sometimes I feel grateful to be able to study in this university. Whatever its numerous cons are, in comparison with Vietnamese universities, RMIT still beats. And it does provide me what I needed to be ready for work: strong skills, confidence, practical knowledge, good network. Isn’t it what university is about?

ok whatever, just finish packing and everything now is quite messed up, with things taken, things left behind, things undecided. I hate packing so muchhh : ( First time ever in my life I have to move. So lucky my Mom always makes it a stable home for me. I have never had to move house before. This room has always been my room. I always have a place to come back, to be me, to be free, and relaxed. One lucky me : ) Today when packing, I found a lost bracelet, and it got rusted. That was the one I really love! Didn’t know what to do, I turned to Mom, and her advice was a miracle, it became shiny again!! I suddenly realize what if I don’t know what to do again, when I am far away from her, who will I turn to? Just wish to be able to run to her, ask her silly questions, waiting for her to give the best advice, and thank her for that. It must be precious.

So just a blog entry drafted in the middle of the night, to mark my oh-so-done student life. And remind me of how lucky I am to be able to find my own road, and finish the race. yeah, Finish \m/ [not intend to take post-grad for about 1-2 years from now]

Waiting til it’s November and pictures of the Bachelor me will be uploaded woohoo <3

for all the students out there : x Gluck with exams : x


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